Friday, January 24, 2014

January Stitch from Stash Update.

Okay some of you may know I have a vlog and a blog. I feel I put more into my vlog, it is easier and I talk a lot better than I write. As of now I will be posting a blog post about the Stitch from stash each month it will be the down and dirty of what I spent and what I stitched. If that is what you are looking for you will get that all here. But as I do each month I will post a vlog on my youtube and now I will include updates on this challenge in that video as well as a more detailed stichy/life update. I will list a link to my vlog each month with the blog post.

My January Vlog.

Well as the first month of the challenge closes in, I find I did pretty well. I guess it may help that I do not have a dedicated LNS here in my hometown so I have been a bit used (due to shipping costs) thinking "Do I really need this now". But it is crazy it is like the temptation doubled with this month, just knkwing thay I couldn't buy what I want when I want LoL.

I was a little unclear as to how the SAL worked. I knew that payments towards the SAL itself did not count but I was not sure about the floss etc for the SAL.

I am part of the AAN group on Facebook and she is doing a special mystery SAL for the members. I had already purchased the pattern, and fabric but not the floss. I got the floss about 8.00 I went to the closest thing to a LNS in my town ugh supporting local business does not helo my budget LoL. But it does my concious ;). Imalso went thrifting that day and turned down some stash just in case the floss counted. I found out later, it did not count oh the stash that I didnt need that I coukd have had LoL.

So anyways, I did purchase a floss that was intended for a gift project, but I have decided to not use, it was 2.80 and Imfound a pair of folding scissors for .60 When I opened them...were not worth the .60 lol

So that puts me at $3.40 this month. I did get some floss away bags but used an Amazon gift card that was a Christmas gift so that doesnt count. LoL

I started Christmas Cardinal Ball by AAN on New Year's Eve it has been kitted up and waiting.  Imam loving stitching this, just some what wishing I had gridded butnthen AAN doesn't put the large grid marks on her patterns so I don't know how much helpmit woukd have been. Plus I am trying to get away from that...too much time wasted I could be stitching.

I have also worked on my starry night some I finally finished the second page. Here is a before and after picture of that project.

I did give away some stash and have taught a friend to stitch I am really excited about that
, she started on a lady bug and finished it now she is working on a kit. I hope it is not too overwhelming.

I have lost my stitchy bug this month. Gonna try to find him again tonight by working on my 99bottles by ink circles. Here is the last picture I have of that one.

Hope you all are doing well and have had plenty of stitching time!
stay safe!!

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  1. I want to buy as well keep saying no you have all kinds of books and kits you need to work on .like i see some really cute ones