Monday, April 25, 2011

Well Well :)

So I had mentioned before that I had an appt scheduled for monday since we had been trying to get pregnant for a while but hadn't been able to do so well, the day after my wonderful bday. Actually around 4:30 am wednesday I was at work and was convinced to take another pregnancy test by a parenting forum I joined and my coworkers. Told to get a name brand test and wait three hours from last trip to RR. Lookie what I got!

Granted this was not the first test this was the third, because one wasn't enough to convince me, I am still going to the doc tomorrow to find more about prenatal stuff. I am so excited. I don't really feel pregnant yet and its hard to wrap my head around. I do feel bloated and my hips are killing me all along my sciatic nerve on both sides, down to my knees. Not too much morning sickness either. My poor DH has been really nauseated the last few weeks though sounds like unknown sympathy pains haha.I will keep you guys posted as I go along. I will be much more relaxed after my 13th week as of now I am about 6 weeks along according to caculators online I will hopefully know more tomorrow!

Now for a Stitchy update, as you can imagine not a lot of progress this weekend to much time spent visiting family with good news and for Easter!
Going to close for now. Hope the Easter bunny was as good to you all as it was to me, Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a very healthy pregnacy and baby over the next months!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My awesome Birthday!

Well today is my birthday!! I am 27!!  I have had a great birthday, Saturday I went out my my hubby's family as a combined dinner for both of us his bday is end of march. I got lovely presents from my inlaws pj's flip flops and stash money!!

Hubby got my a laptop so we don't have to take turns using the computers he does stuff with recording his music and I always complain that his programs make the thing run slow and that I wanted a netbook and small external hard drive. After some research he decided a basic laptop would be the way to go and I love it!! Its great for what I use it for I don't game mainly facebook my CSF, skype and blogger LOL. Of course and online shopping haha. I think he did this so he would gain his own laptop as well but it works out for both of us!!

Then today we went "looking for a chair" so I could finally set up my stitchy area...we found a chair and got it for 50% off *happy dance* we have found a local furniture store that we have done a lot of business with so they treat us GREAT when we come shopping there and we have reffered people to her store as well!!

So...some pics!!
First off a Starry night update!!
Now my new stitchy area!!
My Chair Can't really tell but there is blue around the darker brown design that matches the wall perfect!

And my stitchy setup....

Loving today!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Giveaway by Cross stitch and cupcakes!

I am entering a giveaway by Cross stitch and Cupcakes, I am entering Giveaway 1 and give away 5, which ones will you enter? My Birthday is Monday so what a neat time (if I win ) to win a giveaway :).


Okay, so I couldn't come up with a good title for this post. I feel like most of my followers are from CSF anyways and don't want to overload them with the same info over and over again. But I post anyway just in case I have a non CSF follower out there!

I finally finished Bless this home, its off to be framed now- my DH works with a guy that has his own framing business on the side- this is my first professional framing job and I am nervous, never thought I would have control issues with cross stitch projects. LOL I think it has a lot to do with the fact that if it gets messed up, this is my DH's coworker and I can't very well tell him, "No I don't like it you messed it up now fix it or else bad reviews." Plus I don't get any say so it's all my DH's choose frame...matte etc...and I found out tonight that after I had told DH a few colors that I wanted, he told this guy "It's whatever  you think man, your the framer." BLAH. He has framed something for DH in past his stuff from his diploma and stuff from graduation and it looked GREAT so I am going to relax and see what happens. After all I have told DH that if I don't like it, I will take it out go to a store and we will just be out the money. I really don't think it will come to that though.  Here is a picture of the finished design.

I have finally started my Starry Night by Lady Bug Designs, I have to say that I have been very impressed with the kit I purchased from them. They offer charts or the whole kit, I choose the whole kit since they kit with DMC floss anyway. (when i checked the floss with some of my own stash it matched its real DMC not a DMC color equivalent.) The pattern came on two VERY large pages so I did have to make a working copy which ended up being eight normal pages ( I enlarged a bit). The chart is easy to read too. I grid, and a plus was that they had charted this particular chart so that the middle lines both horizontally and vertically landed on a grid line (hope this makes sense). Made gridding easy!! The only semi complaint not true complaint is that the floss was not separated but I think this was to avoid high shipping cost. I will upload a progress pic of this later.

Still no luck in the baby department, I need to relax I guess its only been a few months but I have always feared not being able to have kids, and now I have become irregular at first thought it was a good thing but 2 negative home test and a negative blood test have me convinced there is something up so going to make an appointment with the doctor...ugh...I hate doctors...hmm a nurse that hates going to doctors something you never see (insert sarcasm).

Until next time!!