Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ready for 2014

As those of you who follow my blog probably know, I am not that great at keeping up with my posts. I would make that a new years resolution, but why set myself up for failure so early in the year?!?

What you may not know is that I have started a vlog on youtube My Vlog and I do keep up with it pretty well usually a monthly update on my stitching and basic life things. I have also added a preview on my left hand side bar of some of my videos. I guess it is easier for me to talk than type LoL I have always been a talker.

I  kept up with my stitching pretty well this year, in fact I had five finishes. I am hoping to do as well this year. Starry night is still a daunting shadow. It keeps getting pushed back for things that have a deadline.

My son is an ever growing 2 year old and at almost 3 feet tall and 34 pounds you would never know he went through the obstacles that he went through unless you know him or catch a glimpse of his scar while he is running around playing.

My hubby gifted me several large stitchy items last year for various holidays and because of that I am limiting my self to a stitchy budget this year, he laughed btw and said we will see. I did however find a nice blog Epic Stitching who is hosting a "group" of stitchers that are doing just that. There is a $25 per month allowance and we are entered in drawings for prizes along the way a a grand prize of a gift card if we stick it out 11 of of 12 months.  click the image Stitch from stash 2014 on the right to go to the direct page about the group. It adds a bit of incentive plus several of the members from my forum are joining in as well!!

I will probably do a small blurb on here or just post a link to a video if I do a video in my vlog, I am not sure how it will work. I guess I will figure it out as I go and see which works best. Hubby has also since stated that I am looking to buy stash just to meet the budget LoL.  I do tend to buy stash in weird patterns I will go a while without getting anything an then find 10 things that I "must have".

Hope you and yours are doing well, thanks for reading!! Stay safe!

Friday, June 14, 2013

"That" Mom

Ugh, I drive myself crazy trying to be the perfect mom, to make sure my kid is eating perfect, he is on the exact path every other kid his age is and that he is safe, happy and knows he is loved. Really all that matters in those is safe, happy and loved.

But why do we all strive so hard to be, or not to be...(sounds like a famous quote I once heard) "that, Mom". Either we compare ourselves attempting to make ourselves feel better "well at least I don't  fill in  your blank like that mom" or "I should fill in the blank like that mom." I find myself pinning crazy toddler recipes that I know IF I am able to get around to making them that more than likely C will take one bit and say "no" or maybe even not take a bite.

With that said, my son is not a picky eater. When it comes to fruits and veggies he will eat anything put in front on him. He would live on carrots and sweet potatoes and green beans if I would let him. He even likes beans and brussel sprouts. The issues is meat/protein items. Yes I know all you vegan mommies are blanching that I am trying to get my kid to eat meat. The beans he will eat are few and far between. He does love eggs, sausage and the Hebrew International hotdogs. I don't use these because of the kosher label except that I know they aren't by products they are 100% beef and probably the best option for hotdogs.

We do fast foods but try not to let C do a lot of fried or sugary foods. So chicken nuggets ARE NOT something I want my kid to learn to love...no offense to anyone whose kids only eat them...I get it now...you feed your kid what they will eat..

At what point does doing that becoming spoiling your kid, at what point does making your kid try a little bit of everything become being to strict and going to cause food issues and eating disorders as and adult. Every time  you turn around there is new research..;"making your kid clean up after themselves causes their feet to be to big as an adult and they won't get a good job and end up a depressed adult" okay so maybe not that extreme but still...

As if us mom's don't put enough pressure on ourselves to be perfect now the collective "they" have to point out the things we do let slip that seem like a non issue now are causing life long ill effects.

I guess the point to all this babble is I am trying here and the more I try the more I feel like I am messing up...I know that when I look at other mom's I think wow she has it all together...is she inside freaking out like I am, is there someone out there looking at me thinking.."Wow she has it all together." And if this is constantly happening...why are we voicing this to each other more....what is the matter with me saying "hey" you doing this is really cool etc

Instead it is as though we feel if we compliment said mom...it proves that we weren't doing that ourselves and didn't think of it ourselves so that will make us be a bad mom. People think moms as a whole are judgemental but I think we are truly only judging ourselves against others but it comes as a catty comment against the other...it is really directed at ourselves...

*steps off of soap box*

thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A year already?

I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted I guess 2012 was so busy that I just didn't have time for anything but keeping little man healthy and strong. He is feeding tube free and bottle free and walking and getting into everything!! So since this year is hopefully a lot less stressful than the last, I made a resolution to stitch more in 2013. So far I have been doing really well and stitching at least every week if not almost every day except when I work, if even just for five or so minutes. I have way too many projects going. The enablers over at Crossstitchforum have corrupted me..I am currently actively working on Starry Night (yes still :( ) a sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery called Woodland Sampler, and a custom chart which was made for me by a member of the forum mentioned earlier. I have two more projects ready to start once I finish one of these, and then another that I know for sure I am going to do...its just choosing the colors and purchasing the items. See I am being bad very bad.

We have also been working on the house repainting etc and are thinking of adding on a bedroom, but we got our first estimate back this week and it is just scary how much these things cost. So we will see I don't know if we are both willing to spend that kind of money for an extra room. They say it will pay for itself in adding on the home value but still whew. For such a basic room, it is pretty pricey.

I am going to try and be more attentive to my blog as well. Most of my followers though are from the forum and that is why I don't always post so much I don't want to bore with the same updates everywhere LoL.

My birthday is this month and I am supposed to be getting a floor stand from the hubby and son but can't quite decide on which one to get, I am leaning towards the Ergo from artisans designs but I can't find any stitcher reviews online. If it is as good as it looks I am super excited, but really wish I could find someone who uses the stand. 

I am trying out the pages function on here but not sure how it works. Going to try out the What's in a name reading challenge. And going to keep a list of my 2013 finishes. We shall see how this goes!!