Friday, June 14, 2013

"That" Mom

Ugh, I drive myself crazy trying to be the perfect mom, to make sure my kid is eating perfect, he is on the exact path every other kid his age is and that he is safe, happy and knows he is loved. Really all that matters in those is safe, happy and loved.

But why do we all strive so hard to be, or not to be...(sounds like a famous quote I once heard) "that, Mom". Either we compare ourselves attempting to make ourselves feel better "well at least I don't  fill in  your blank like that mom" or "I should fill in the blank like that mom." I find myself pinning crazy toddler recipes that I know IF I am able to get around to making them that more than likely C will take one bit and say "no" or maybe even not take a bite.

With that said, my son is not a picky eater. When it comes to fruits and veggies he will eat anything put in front on him. He would live on carrots and sweet potatoes and green beans if I would let him. He even likes beans and brussel sprouts. The issues is meat/protein items. Yes I know all you vegan mommies are blanching that I am trying to get my kid to eat meat. The beans he will eat are few and far between. He does love eggs, sausage and the Hebrew International hotdogs. I don't use these because of the kosher label except that I know they aren't by products they are 100% beef and probably the best option for hotdogs.

We do fast foods but try not to let C do a lot of fried or sugary foods. So chicken nuggets ARE NOT something I want my kid to learn to offense to anyone whose kids only eat them...I get it feed your kid what they will eat..

At what point does doing that becoming spoiling your kid, at what point does making your kid try a little bit of everything become being to strict and going to cause food issues and eating disorders as and adult. Every time  you turn around there is new research..;"making your kid clean up after themselves causes their feet to be to big as an adult and they won't get a good job and end up a depressed adult" okay so maybe not that extreme but still...

As if us mom's don't put enough pressure on ourselves to be perfect now the collective "they" have to point out the things we do let slip that seem like a non issue now are causing life long ill effects.

I guess the point to all this babble is I am trying here and the more I try the more I feel like I am messing up...I know that when I look at other mom's I think wow she has it all she inside freaking out like I am, is there someone out there looking at me thinking.."Wow she has it all together." And if this is constantly happening...why are we voicing this to each other more....what is the matter with me saying "hey" you doing this is really cool etc

Instead it is as though we feel if we compliment said proves that we weren't doing that ourselves and didn't think of it ourselves so that will make us be a bad mom. People think moms as a whole are judgemental but I think we are truly only judging ourselves against others but it comes as a catty comment against the is really directed at ourselves...

*steps off of soap box*

thanks for reading!

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  1. As long as C is healthy and eats, that's what matters. I can't eat egg myself (severe allergy, the egg is definite no-no), but I do eat. Enjoy your little bundle of joy! He must be quite a little guy.