Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whoops!--well not really

Well it has been a long while since I have written. So Sorry!
I have been really busy! I love my new job and.....my sister has moved back near me. We have been making up for a lot of lost time, and I love it!! Plus I have a friend who is soon to move about 1 hour and 30 minutes away so we are spending a lot of time before she leaves. It is a positive move or at least she really feels this is what she needs to do so I am very happy for her.

So enough excuses, and on to stitching!! I finally finished my today is not your day project and in face am working on the My Little Heart SAL Stitch along that I found through the Cross Stitch Forum. I have been stitching during down time at work. I have to say though that a lot of my off time I think is going to be going to something other than stitching even though I enjoy it!!

A guy I went to high school with...over the last two years has started a homeless day shelter and I have been volunteering time there! I can't even start to explain how great it is to feel like you are giving back to your community! I mean I have only been there for two days and have been only driving the founder and one of the clients around trying to help him find an apartment. So far this organization has assisted about 40 people go from living in the woods in tents to living in homes with incomes and being pretty much self sufficient. Its great!!

For the first time in a long time...it seems like EVERYTHING is falling into place. I have a job I love...as well as my hubby, my sister is back with her family here...my step-mom and I are finally getting along!! Even growing closer. My hubby and I are planing to buy a house soon and start trying for babies. I am finally in somewhat of a position to give back even though I'm not giving money I am giving time...

I keep waiting for the anvil to fall. :) I am truly blessed!!