Friday, February 3, 2012

Two days of appointments!

Well, we had a total of three appointments in the last few days. The surgeon was very optimistic and said that he isn't really concerned with the incisional hernia that C has in fact said that he would rather wait until we take out his g-tube (mic-key) to do the procedure. Sometimes the g-tube sites don't heal the way they want them to and that can mean a surgery to close the stoma, so he said we would wait that way IF he has to do a surgical closure, he can do the hernia then too and it will be only one procedure.

We also had an appointment we the Nurse Practitioner to learn how to change the mic-key ourselves. Now if it comes out we can change it without having to go to the ER for a GI study yay!

We then had an appointment with his GI doctor the surgeon had recommended a new feeding schedule and the GI doctor approved. We are now only feeding from 9pm to 9a with the feeding pump during the day he get bolus feedings of 2 ounces we try to give it all orally and whatever he doesn't take orally we do as a gravity bolus feed via the mic-key. So far he has taken all of the feeds by mouth with no spit up. Says a prayer it will continue this way.

The surgeon said he was surprised that we did not have more issues with the mic-key coming out since the balloon isn't completely filled d/t his smaller stomach size. He told us that we were "doing a great job"

OH and he weighs 10 pound 5 ounces now so he is def gaining weight!! So no need to fortify my breast milk as of yet. Although I may have to supplement some formula since he is eating so much now!