Monday, April 18, 2011

My awesome Birthday!

Well today is my birthday!! I am 27!!  I have had a great birthday, Saturday I went out my my hubby's family as a combined dinner for both of us his bday is end of march. I got lovely presents from my inlaws pj's flip flops and stash money!!

Hubby got my a laptop so we don't have to take turns using the computers he does stuff with recording his music and I always complain that his programs make the thing run slow and that I wanted a netbook and small external hard drive. After some research he decided a basic laptop would be the way to go and I love it!! Its great for what I use it for I don't game mainly facebook my CSF, skype and blogger LOL. Of course and online shopping haha. I think he did this so he would gain his own laptop as well but it works out for both of us!!

Then today we went "looking for a chair" so I could finally set up my stitchy area...we found a chair and got it for 50% off *happy dance* we have found a local furniture store that we have done a lot of business with so they treat us GREAT when we come shopping there and we have reffered people to her store as well!!

So...some pics!!
First off a Starry night update!!
Now my new stitchy area!!
My Chair Can't really tell but there is blue around the darker brown design that matches the wall perfect!

And my stitchy setup....

Loving today!


  1. Happy be-lated birthday! Just love your stitching area, what a lucky lady you are, such a nice chair and with right prize. I'd also need something to put my feet on...

  2. Loving that stitchy area! That chair looks so comfy and I have my laptop right with me like that when I'm stitching as well, lol.


  3. Happy Birthday! I just saw a chair and footstool like that at the store and told my mom, "That would be great for cross-stitching!" Have many happy stitchy hours in your new chair!

  4. I could not put that kind of arrangement. Why? Because the only access to online with a modem(don't ask, I can't explain)is in my bedroom. So I keep my computer here and stitch in the living room.