Monday, April 25, 2011

Well Well :)

So I had mentioned before that I had an appt scheduled for monday since we had been trying to get pregnant for a while but hadn't been able to do so well, the day after my wonderful bday. Actually around 4:30 am wednesday I was at work and was convinced to take another pregnancy test by a parenting forum I joined and my coworkers. Told to get a name brand test and wait three hours from last trip to RR. Lookie what I got!

Granted this was not the first test this was the third, because one wasn't enough to convince me, I am still going to the doc tomorrow to find more about prenatal stuff. I am so excited. I don't really feel pregnant yet and its hard to wrap my head around. I do feel bloated and my hips are killing me all along my sciatic nerve on both sides, down to my knees. Not too much morning sickness either. My poor DH has been really nauseated the last few weeks though sounds like unknown sympathy pains haha.I will keep you guys posted as I go along. I will be much more relaxed after my 13th week as of now I am about 6 weeks along according to caculators online I will hopefully know more tomorrow!

Now for a Stitchy update, as you can imagine not a lot of progress this weekend to much time spent visiting family with good news and for Easter!
Going to close for now. Hope the Easter bunny was as good to you all as it was to me, Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a very healthy pregnacy and baby over the next months!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! Now you will have LOTS of baby stuff to start stitching!

  2. Such fantastic news for you!!!

    Hope all goes well on the DR visit.


  3. Congrats!!! You must be very excited!!! :) By the way, I love the Starry Night cross-stitch!! Great progress!!

  4. Congratulations!!! Wish all the best for you, your baby, and your family! I love your update on Starry Night. Where did you find the chart? Is it big? I love his works (not only Starry Night) so I would like to stitch it someday.

    PS: I'm Cassle (I used to give some comments here) and I just made a brand-new blogger account with a brand-new stitching blog. It's because my previous blog has gone due to the administrator decided not to renew their domain. :)

    Well, if you have some time, please go to my brand-new blog coz I'm learning to make some cross-stitch designs and I need lots of opinions. Thank you so much and have a pleasant stitching day!

  5. @Lita~ The starry night is done by Lady bug designs. They are an awesome site and have several of Van Gogh's paintings!!