Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Updates.

Well well. Another month already gone.
How did you guys do with your Stash Budgets? I myself stayed under my budget but spent more than last month and had a harder time sticking with the budget.

Here is a link to my Vlog in case you would rather watch than read, or if you want do both :)
Video #27 February Updates.

My online LNS on Bonanza called "Crazy Annie's Stitchin" had a HUGE super bowl sale and had her clearance 50% off. I did purchase a few items there, but I am planning for most of them to be a possible give away gift and Mrs. Mel said that it did not count if it was a gift and DID not end up in my stash.

All in all I spent 12.65 this month.

~$3.00- spent on 3 spools of kreinik random colors.
~$1.40 - spent on floss needed for the verse for my coworker I was running low on a few colors.
~$1.25- spent on a pattern during that extra clearance sale this is the only pattern I purchased for myself.
~1.00-  on 3-2 piece packs of needle threaders with a thread cutter on the end. I mean 6 for 1.00 who can resist that?
~6.00- on a pair of "snips" that I have been drooling over for a while hey...they were 9.99 and I used a 40% off coupon. hehe.

I did replace some q-snap clamps but from what I understand these do not count toward the stitchy budget.

I stuck to my rotation pretty well this month!!

My first week I worked on Christmas Cardinal Ball by AAN

I am loving stitching this!! It is so much fun, my DH suggested the solid ribbon, what do you guys think, it calls for the ribbon to be the same as the ornament. I like it this way plus HE made the suggestion on MY stitching like I am going to ignore his input ;)

My second week I worked on the verse for my was a lot easier this month for some reason I even got more done on my breaks at work too!!

I only have one whole page left, after that they are all "half" pages there are four half pages so counting it as only 3 pages left! yay!

My third week we started the AAN mystery sampler....
Just some info on this, I am a member of the AAN fan page on FB she made this sampler just for us on the fan page (it is an open group BTW!!) we paid by a certain date to join in on the SAL and were added to a separate (private) group for the SAL. 

It is a 7 part SAL which covers 8 months there is a free month for catch up included. Here is my part 1

Once I got started it was a quick stitch and a fun stitch too, but I must say it was hard to start. it is a non middle start which I am usually fine with as long as I have my grid lines, but I didn't grid and this one did not show where it started. AAN was GREAT in giving us several types of and white and several ways of where to start measurements and even counted out the stitches from the middle herself. SHE is WONDERFUL she is a very active part of both groups and that makes me want to purchase even more of her patterns she seems to care about her stitchers!

Last and definitely not least...99 bottles by INK circles

not a lot to update here just plugging along I treat each bottle like a finish. It is a fun and easy pattern to do, I did get the "frogged" black stitches to finally disappear my version of a boo boo stick ( a cheap unused toothbrush) did the job perfect it was just fuzz from the floss showing where the stitches had been.

Hope you all have a great March see you guys with the next update! As always...Take Care!



  1. Great job sticking to your budget! Could you send me a link or t he full name of AAN Facebook page? I can't seem to find it. Thank you. Rose

  2. Mae, I found you on YouTube and just adore all your videos. I recently used your suggestion to mark the grid on my fabric. I found a purple quilt marker and two chalk pencils, one in white and the other in blue. I tested them on my Ivory Aida - the purple stood out SO MUCH I got frightened. I also did the chalk. I tried to rinse them out and it seems that only the marker really went away. Color me SHOCKED! The blue chalk still left marks of where it was - no one else can see but I can. Anyway I gridded my project with the purple marker, ever so lightly. The next day all my marks were GONE! just the moisture from my hands rubbed it off. I am very please and very happy I found your sharings. It has really helped me. I would like to see you in action. I would like to see a video of you in your stitching space with your new chair and stand. I would like to make my own space but I would also like to see what makes you comfortable and how you work in it. Thanks.

    1. Glad it helped!! The purple markers are actually AIR soluble instead of water soluble so they will disappear on their own. The chalk has never worked for me and I have never found one that says "water soluble" so I am always afraid they are "permanent". I will try and do a stitching video, but I am not sure it would be very interesting. LoL. I do have a picture that I will try to upload of how my setup is :)