Monday, March 22, 2010

So happy for my hubby!@!

Okay so tomorrow is the ceremony for my husbands graduation. He got to graduate early and has actually been working already but they are just now doing the official graduation I am so happy and proud of him. The ceremony is tomorrow and then his birthday is Wednesday, and I got the day off for his birthday *does a happy dance*!!  Oh and tomorrow I may be able to babysit my niece and nephew this will be a first for me not the babysitting but my SIL is very protective of them and she asked me to babysit them I am excited and now a little nervous!! The youngest is only 4 1/2 months and has double ear infections...not fun...but my niece turns 3 this month and is a blast and entertains herself very much..but who knows she may not since i'm there she is my hunny!! Even is she loves my hubby more than me!!

Cross Stitch

Blah I have hit a block on my sisters project. I don't know why but I have I just have no desire to stitch it!! I want to finish it so I can ship it to her...but i'm bored of the pattern. Plus I am waiitng to get some thread from the company because I ran out of a color. I have so many other projects to start but I don't want to start a new one until the other one is completed!


  1. Congrats to your hubby. You'll do fine babysitting.

  2. Hi Maemae, so nice to see you got your blog going. Look forward to reading more.
    As for not wanting to stitch your sisters pattern anymore, maybe you could find something small to stitch in between, a card for someone maybe, or a card for yourself :) we'll cheer you on regardless, after all you are not the first person to get bored with a pattern.

    Hope you and hubby had a great time at the graduation and that you'll have a lovely time tomorrow.

    Oh and great name for the blog :D

  3. I like the name of your blog. I agree with previous writer. Make something small, and maybe your inspiration to stitch your sister's present will return.
    I am glad for you and for your DH about the graduation. I also hope, that the babysitting goes well.