Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash April/May

Well. I was a baddd girl and only submitted my april stitch from stash via email.
In a nut shell, I only worked on my Halloween mystery SAL thanks to way too many visits from the horrible Frog.
I did however, spend some bday money and...23 dollars of my own money at a LNS my sister and I found while going to visit great-family graves in another state....
I have a video of that haul  HERE

Also my sister purchased a lap frame for me for my birthday an older petite ks creation lap frame that I LOVE!!!

This month I have done much better stitching wise...I have actually worked on all four of my WIPS.
As always HERE is the video of my updates.

Now for this months spending.
I only spent 16.10
On 1 custom pattern
1 happy camper pattern by imaginating
Then some pens and hair clips to hold fabric as well
I know the pens and hair clips do not technically count..but I am sort of "stashing" them so I counted them hehe.
HERE is a video of that haul :)
My dad is working on a frame to hold my millennium I am super excited!!!

Happy Stitching!!

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