Monday, October 17, 2011


Okay so I now have two posts today, I wrote the other one the other day...but it went to drafts instead of posting?! I am sure it was a user error *slaps forhead* are some picture updates!

This is one of the face plate covers that I made thanks to a pin on pinterest. Pretty simple actually, it's just scrapbook paper modpodged onto the face plate and then covered to protected the paper.

These were a little more tedious. Wood letters covered with fabric. Took a while but love the finished look!!

A close up of the fabric! This time we had to trace the letters onto the back of the fabric...then cut them out along the lines and then use spray fabric adhesive to attach. Just a FYI fabric stretches LOL There are some imperfections if you look closely but to me that makes it more personal. Again I am pleased with the results. I am sure a bunch of you guys could do much better LOL.

I am now working on the "baby row" from bent creek designs- This picture is from although I purchased from a local needle shop! A fellow cross stitcher and the shop owner helped me tweek the colors just a little to match my nursery more...but I am pretty excited. The chart is GREAT easy to read and pretty simple to stitch as well! I will def be doing more Bent Creek items!!

Enough pictures for you guys? LOL! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I love it, the lettering looks fantastic!
    I love the stitching too, such a lovely design.


  2. Awesome! You sure know how to make awesome things.