Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrapping up 2010.

My wonderful hubby and I are in our new home!! We are all unpacked and settled. I have been stitching  bunch lately!!

My sister is staying with my Aunt about 2 hours away, although not the most comfortable fit its stable and she is working a full time job!! She is saving money and is hoping to eventually save enough to get her own place here again. I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying many prayers for her!

 Christmas is here! I can't believe it already, man when I was a kid it took FOREVER for Christmas to arrive now I blink and its here!!

For Christmas, man I work most of the holiday I am going to my in laws on Christmas day after sleeping a bit from working all night. Then later that night my sister will come and stay at our new home and we are going to cook a Christmas dinner on Sunday. Start our own traditions. I have invited my dad.....

I lost the stitchy bug for a while during this summer, but I have been stitching a lot lately. I will post a pic of my progress on here at the end of this post. When I finish the bless this home project I will start on my Starry Night kit made my lady bug designs I am so exctited and nervous to start such a large project.

Its been a great year. My hubby finished school got a full time job we bought a home. Now hopefully next year we will be expanding our family. Hopefully some baby stitching to come next year?

Here is a pic of my progress

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