Monday, July 12, 2010

My fingers are crossed will you cross your for me too?

My hubby and I put in an offer on a house!!
We had been looking at houses on line my cosin in and agent so he is our buyer agent. Long story short he had sent us some current listings my sister was looking at one with me and was like look at this one...I was afriad it wasn't in our price range but fell in love. Then the day we are looking at houses in person. My agent tells me I have a house you need to see, its priced a little more than you guys were looking at but, its a movtivated seller and I think you could get a good deal. So we go to look at the house...and its the one I fell in love with!!  Two days later we are pre approved for a loan...and put in an offer. My agent told us to bid under what we were willing to give so that we had some negotiation room. Well he calls us that evening and says that he has good news and bad news. The good news was that there is a pretty good chance we will get the house at the low bid...the bad news was that is make take a few months to clear. Apparently after our offer...the owner has decided to do a short sale. Which takes a few months to process. So its a long few months of waiting. But..on a side note there were renters in the house so we would of been required to give them three months notice anyways. So now I don't have to feel guilty asking someone to leave where they are living!! So my fingers are crossed I will try to update as I know.

This has also given me a reason to catch up on my SAL "my little heart" so that I can work on the bless this home for hopefully our new home!!

I am so stoked I am afraid to get my hopes up.

I have worked 9 days of the last 14. So I haven't been able to volunteer much, I miss it but know it will be there soon!!

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